“You have a great gift. What you were picking up on for me was 100% spot on.”
– Blaze Lazarony,  Entrepreneurial Business Strategist, Founder of the Entrepreneur Networking Collective, Author & Speaker

“The reading and the whole experience proved to be extremely helpful and meaningful and left me wanting more.”
– Jill Farmer, Author and Master Life Coach

“The reading was illuminating for me in that you helped me put words and structure around some things I’ve been struggling with. It was also very reassuring, as you gave me ideas for letting things go or how to move on and gave me more insights into my gifts.  It helped me bring together what’s been happening physically with what’s happening emotionally or mentally.”
– Emily Downward, Life Coach

“Laura… I still can’t figure out how you did what you did but it has cleared me and made me cleaner, happier, and more productive in every part of my life.  I could feel a void but I had done so much mind/body work and felt clearer so I thought that was it.  I wasn’t even aware that I still had a block or void or something.  After our reading I went over and over everything and would let it sink in.  It took time for things to connect but when it did I would go and do meditation and mind/body work.  I let go of so much extra little tid bits during this work that I didn’t even know I had laying around.  The way you said that I was holding anger for someone else…I never would have put that together on my own.  It took me a day or so but I finally found who I was holding anger for and why.  It was a real tipping point for me.  Before this work my breathing would stop right below my belly but the thing is I didn’t know that this wasn’t normal.  Now, when I meditate or even just breath, it goes all of the way down to my pelvic floor and the life energy connects through my legs so much cleaner and stronger.  I still give you a little “thank you, Laura” when I start meditating and feel this perfect connection.”
– Julie Reutelhuber, Life Coach

“Laura has the gift of seeing intuitively into others, certainly, and the beauty of it is that she is able to communicate what she envisions and weave it into words that are easily understood.  Over time, her feedback gives you much to contemplate and brings an awareness of matters that may have eluded you.  The truth is that it is hard to see yourself clearly, and Laura is a wonderful resource to help you with insights – a different and attuned lens.”
– Christa Gallopoulos, Intuitive Artist

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