Below I attempt to answer a lot of the common questions I have received. Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions.

Where did this practice come from?
I was encouraged by a friend to look into myself, literally, for the answers I sought on some matters. I was shocked to find that, through meditation, I could see images and shapes. These visions came to hold meaning for me and gave valid and important answers. I started “experimenting” (with permission) on other people I knew and trusted to give me feedback, and found I could see the same kind of information. I then expanded the experimenting to people on a coaching page on Facebook. These were people I didn’t know, but they were willing to let me “play.” Again, the results were astounding and surprising. At that point, about a year or so into the process, I opened up the practice to clients. I believe the practice itself came from being open to the possibility and trusting that the information I was receiving was from the highest good and was for the highest good. I truly believe this is a skill anyone can learn.

How does a reading work?
I begin by answering questions about the process and having the client and I take a few calming breaths in a quiet space. I will then close my eyes to better be able to connect and visualize. After centering I begin looking at the energy being held by the client starting with the head and working all the way to the feet. I will describe what I am seeing, inviting the client to take notes on what is resonating and feeling important to them. I can ask questions as we go and there is more time when the reading is over to debrief and unpack what had been seen.

What do I do after the reading?
I encourage clients to revisit the information they were given throughout the next week. Often clarity comes after a few days or new meanings will pop up. Follow up readings and conversations can be helpful to continue the process if the information revealed feels like a lot to unpack. Also, everyone is encouraged to take and use the information that feels good and serve their own personal growth.

What are people’s reactions generally like?
People are generally surprised at what comes about. They are either surprised by how specifically I can call out something or by what is brought up (i.e. they thought the issue was finished, but upon relooking, in reality the issue had not been released). I have had people surprised, too by the way their body will hold onto things for other people. Sometimes a block can be something we are holding for others and needs to be lovingly handed back over to them. Generally people feel a warm push, once we end the reading, to start the process of change in an aspect that will help them grow.

Is this a reflection of what is happening at the very moment of the reading or the time period as a whole.
What I see is generally a global view of what is currently at play. I cannot predict the future, but there are times I can see past hurts or pain. I believe these can be seen if and when they are still relevant to what is happening in life now.

What is the cost and what does that cover?
A single reading costs $100. If people would like to purchase a series of 3 readings, the cost is $280. I am available for gatherings as well. I can complete up to 6 mini-reading in 2 hours. Please contact me for additional information on gatherings.

How do we get started?
Click on the CONTACT link on the top of my webpage and let me know if you are interested in a single, multiple or group reading. I will send you times and dates that I am available and we will set a time to meet. I am currently scheduling individual client readings at Silver Linings in Town and Country, MO.

Who else sees this information?
All readings and content that is discussed is considered confidential. I ground and center before and after each reading. I do not write anything or hold any information during or after the process.

What if I need additional help?
I am an intuitive. I can give guidance in a way that can help people move forward. Sometimes an additional reading is helpful and sometimes another provider can provide another piece of healing. I am happy to pass along their information or make suggestions. However, I am not a medical doctor. No information I give should be construed as medical advice or diagnosis. I am not a trained counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist.

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