Hi, I’m Laura Neuwirth. I identify as a teacher, a friend, a wife, a mother, a lover of nature and wild things, and an energy intuitive. I love working with people to help them remove blocks which are preventing them from living their best life. Throughout my adult life, my work has revolved around being a special education teacher, a mother and an activist. I have always taken on these various roles with vigor and was determined to help all people in all ways. While I have loved all of these roles and their ability to elicit and motivate change, at one point, I began to feel there was something missing. About 10 years ago I became very ill and was not able to function, physically or emotionally, in the ways I wanted. I went to many traditional medical specialists who had no answers. It wasn’t until meeting with a dear friend who suggested another path that I reluctantly went to a naturopath. In this I found relief and a new way to look at my health, and my life. At that time, I also started reading up on spiritual matters: intuition, energy flow, the Universal connection of all things, life as an illusion, etc. Answers began to emerge and present themselves. The missing piece of wellness was the lack of connectivity between my work, in all of its various forms, and the ultimate connection we have to each other, the Earth and the Universe.

Through this discovery, I started to uncover my ability to see and read peoples’ energy bodies through meditation. Over the past seven years, this ability has continued to grow, evolve and morph. It is exciting to be part of this awesome journey. I enjoy working with people, helping them see what I see; strong capable individuals who sometimes have a blocked area or two. Once an area is discovered and opened, all the potential inside is unleashed, and then, watch out! We are all abundantly powerful and wonderful. There are times when this power and wonder are shadowed by situations from the past, illness, or the need to hang onto old ideas or ways of doing and being. When these limiting beliefs, which manifest as energy blocks, are discovered and dealt with, they can be released and energy is able to flow.

I love working with people and hearing the joy of “ah ha” moments, as well as updates about how the information has helped them to grow and progress. I would love to work with you and help you gain insight into areas of your life that can be strengthened. Your potential is unlimited! You are a mighty creation and a magnificent force in this world.


Official Bio Stuff:

I live in St. Louis with my husband and two daughters. I have had many jobs over the years, all with a focus of service to people and communities. I love being outdoors, gardening, reading, various art activities, going to museums and spending time with my family. I love to use the herbs from my garden to make teas and bath salts both for enjoyment and medicinal use. Social justice, racial equity, and protecting the environment and animals are all a focus in my life. Robins are my guides. I also have a strong attachment to coffee.

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